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HPT Goa - Superior DesignIntegrated systems drawing on imported ISO certified energizer systems, locally manufactured hardware and mounting systems. Installations provide 100% redundancy in terms of energised fencing and loss of power.

These systems are protected by state of the art fibre optic based intrusion monitoring cable providing early warning anywhere on the perimeter fence. Cabling is carefully installed in buried conduits protected by laid over concrete. On the wall cabling is run through the support posts through machined cable exit points directly onto the conducting wires.

HPT Goa - ClipsHPT Goa - ScrewsOn wall or in-wall hardware, all steelwork is hot dipped galvanised and insulators are moulded using only international premium quality UV stabilised materials, such as high-density polythene and glass filled polyester providing long term performance. These are resistant to typical vandalism without failure (also hammer and shatter proof). Insulators are then mounted using high tensile 410 Stainless Steel fasteners which provide failure proof performance through the life of our fencing systems.